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Avalon Legal Information Services, Inc. is best known today for providing comprehensive training on civil process to sheriff’s personnel, as well as publishing manuals to assist the sheriff’s personnel in performing their responsibilities in the area of enforceable and non-enforceable civil process. 

More recently Avalon has become the official training partner of the Florida Sheriffs Association on topics relating to Florida civil process. 

In fact, Avalon traces its heritage back to 1976 and a company named Florida Legal Research, Inc. FLR provided legal research services to attorneys throughout the State of Florida, and nationwide under the name of Legal Research Institute, Inc., and published numerous "niche" publications. These included: Insurance Law Caseletter and Municipal Law Caseletter. 


Interestingly, the founders of Avalon initially wanted to name the company Avalon Legal Publishing Company, but the late 1990’s were a time when publishing companies were moving to new electronic media and many eliminated the reference to publishing in their names. So the decision was made, the name would be Avalon Legal Information Services, Inc.!

Avalon's first business effort centered on publications designed to help prepare future law school students for the rigors of law school.  For more on this service visit:

Today, legal publishing is dominated by two major publishers, which often neglect certain publications because their audience is too small. Avalon was developed to take advantage of this market and revive the spirit of Florida Legal Research, Inc. by publishing books, manuals and training aimed at niche markets.

A "Practical" Manual for the Proper Service of and Execution of Judicial Process, which is used throughout the State of Florida, is an example of this market strategy. The two volume set addresses a very finite area of the law but it has met with a great response since its first publication by Avalon Legal Information Services, Inc.


Avalon continues to grow by providing needed services, including training of private process servers and a how to manual for attorneys.  Avalon is the recognized expert in the area of Florida Civil Process.

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